For every upvote this post gets, I will go one more hour without an orgasm.

Hi Reddit! I’m a trans girl and long(ish)time lurker on this sub. Recently I’ve been denying myself more and more; at the time of writing this, I haven’t cum in 2 days thanks to Master.So I want to get even more serious! I want to be denied past my breaking point, edging mindlessly over and over as i beg to cum, knowing that i’ll never be allowed to until my time is up. I want to be a good girl for Master, and good girls don’t cum.I’ll also put a comment for anyone who wants to deny me even more to upvote! I’ll count the hours around a day or two from now, and i’ll make an update post every day! I’ll also make sure to edge at least once per day.Please make me regret this >:3EDIT: I’ll also add 2 hours for each comment!EDIT 2: I’ll add 3 hours for each person who DMs me ;)EDIT 3: I’ll add 4 hours for every new follower! I’m gonna regret this >.