Help me learn self control

I love teasing and being denied, kept pent up with arousal simmering just under the surface. I’ve had partners in the past who have taken control of my orgasm, but it was so long ago.I’ve tried playing on my own.. I tell myself I won’t cum this time, I’ll make myself wait. But then I get close. I keep going, telling myself I’ll get just a little closer, hold on just a little longer. And then I always just ‘slip’ over the edge. I’m so weak.I remember the times I was a dripping, slutty, obedient mess. I want that again. Looking for tips, ways to be accountable and keep myself from giving in.Others who deny themselves – what do you do or tell yourself to be able to hold back?People who deny others – If I were yours, how would you train me? What would you have me do? female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: