Failed and need punishment

I unintentionally failed Daddy last night and came while I was sleeping. We are apart because of the virus and he is home sick and so he cannot punish me. He suggested that I come here for suggestions on ways to punish myself.I normally am very good and cum and edge only when I am told I can. I have been edging almost every day, as instructed, since we have been told to stay home. I was allowed to cum two days ago but, apparently went too far before bed last night.I have been punished before for edging without permission. I had to keep my pussy filled all day, no matter what task I was completing. This was to remind me that my pussy is Daddy’s and I cannot do what ever I want. When I finally took the plug out I felt so empty for hours.What can I do to punish myself since Daddy is too far away and currently sick?Hard limits: scat/pee, blood female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: