Setting myself a challenge: feel free to join

22FDay 1: no touching, not even rubbing my thighs together or humpingDay 2: touch nipples for 15 minutes morning and evening, touch lightly with index finger over panties 15 minutes morning and eveningDay 3: Put 2 fingers inside my hole and leave for 15 minutes, no squeezing them or moving my fingers around + same as Day 2Day 4: 15 minutes of edging over panties morning and evening + fifteen minutes of fingers inside me but no moving them or squeezing around themDay 5: 3 x 15 minutes edging morning noon and night with flip coin at the end to see if I can orgasm, repeating day 5 as neededI am EXTREMELY sensitive even more so when I’m horny so I will most likely have ruined orgasms even from the nipple touching but that’s part of the funAlready dripping and throbbing just writing this and it’s only day oneGoal is to squirt as I’ve never squirted before but hopefully the buildup will lead to squirting if I’m enough of a good girl female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: