Denial Update, Day 1/>85: New Rules!

It’s my first day of denial! My poll is currently at 1721 votes, and with all the other factors added in, i’m at a total of 2059 hours – that’s over 85 days or almost 3 months! I didn’t expect anywhere near this high of a number, but I can’t say i’m not excited. And it keeps increasing!I’ll start with what i did today! I woke horny out of my mind, and I was grinding against my bed almost immediately. I rolled my die for the day, and got a 5 – that means that I don’t get any pleasure today. I was so desperate I was humping the air, but even that was too much pleasure so I decided it’s not allowed. I spent the rest of the morning on reddit, hornier than my mind could handle, but completely unable to do anything about it, even edge. All morning I felt so submissive; I would probably submit to anyone who wanted it because I was so horny >~.