Deck of cards edging challenge

Firstly, a big thank you for u/That_Discount for coming up with the idea. Thanks to him I can’t fucking walk. Like I get up and my legs are just shaking and my pussy is still so sensitive it almost hurts.u/That_Discount came up with a challenge for me. I get a deck of cards, black cards mean how many edges I have to get to depending on the number on the card, and red cards are how many times I have to slap my pussy and how long I have to wait until drawing another card. I also have to repeat my mantras while I wait. Because im a painslut I asked if I could have my clit clamped while I wait and he said yes.Originally he said that if I completed his game, I get to cum. However im trying to stay away from cumming for a while so even though I really wanted to cum, I asked if we could change it to the permission to ruin.The consequences for losing this were to fig my pussy with ginger, and a week of no touch as requested by me because I just can’t get enough punishment apparently. The odds of me losing this were incredibly high because in total it is 181 edges, plus wait time in-between.My pussy had been dripping in anticipation all day thinking about doing this so it wasn’t hard to get to the first edge. About thirty edges in my clit was so sensitive from edging and it being clamped of and on that I was getting to new edges in 10 seconds sometimes. The fact that I was watching videos of girls cumming while I knew that I just had to sit there and edge my mind away and afterwards there was a very likely chance I wouldn’t be to touch just made me more horny.About 50 edges in and my mind had completely melted. The highest amount of consecutive edges I’ve ever gotten until now was 42. the only thing I could think about was edging mind away. I don’t even think I even remembered how to cum. I just kept getting to the edge and humping and grinding and fucking myself into Oblivion.At 70 edges my clit and pussy was hurting so much. They were so sensitive, but I just couldn’t stop edging. It was so addicting. I couldn’t think about anything. I was just so horny and my mind completely clouded over. The only thing I could think about was getting to my next edge.And then almost 5 hours after I had started and 86 edges in, it happened. I ruined. I had come close to a couple times before but managed to keep it under control. Not this time.With my legs shaking under me, and my pussy dripping down my leg, I walked over to the kitchen and peeled a ginger root. I took it back up stairs, a long with the knife because I read that you can make it burn more if you re-peal it. I sat on my bed incredibly nervous, just holding it a couple inches away from my pussy. I was hesitant, and scared, but I knew I had to do it. I had been a bad girl, and this was my punishment. I decided to just get it over with and plunge it directly into my pussy. I expected it to burn immediately and be unbearable, but at first I actually felt nothing. About a minute in my pussy started to tingle. And just like that, I wanted to edge again, like I hadn’t just edged for 5 hours. After about 5 minutes, yes my pussy did burn, but it wasn’t unbearably painful. Yes it was uncomfortable, but it made me horny. My pussy was absolutely gushing. I may have slightly violated the no touch rule by fucking myself with the ginger root for a little bit, but I can bearly get to the edge vaginally, let alone cum. Eventually I took the root out and just laid there on my bed, with my legs weak, and my pussy absolutely on fire.And then after a few minutes I passed out and went to sleep because I was incredibly tired. I woke up at some point in the night to me humping the air, my pussy still burning. It felt so good, but so unsatisfying at the same time. It made me feel like I needed to play with myself, but I couldn’t because I had set that rule for myself earlier.My pussy is aching while im typing this. It hurts so much. When I brush it against anything my whole body tingles. Just my clothes feel unbearable against my pussy. Any ideas on how to stay horny while im in no touch? female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: