Suggestions for seven days of orgasm denials and edging

Task’s for an edging only week: My edging Queen have tried this before, she have been posting about it on Tumblr instead of in this sub.Write about your edging session and post it in this sub daily. No ruined orgasms on purpose during this week…. You are always allowed to edges by grind against furnitures and other everyday objects. During this week if you are going to be wearing any underwear can you only wear thongs or g-strings backwards as underwear (the string between the labia’s over the clit). I hope you aren’t opposed to anal pleasure, if you haven’t explored that just yet will this week be a great opportunity for you to explore the Joy’s of anal pleasure.Day 1 lube up your ass and bring out a large buttplug or dildo, take it as long as you can if it’s a dildo… You can’t cum today ofcours, and you can only edge with something inserted in your ass.Day 2 Only insertion edging today, no clit stimulation at all until tomorrow. Take on a collar or a choker before you go to bed and sleep with it on.Day 3 Before any touchings…. Write about yesterday’s edging session in this sub Reddit before any clit touching or edges I dare you to share it on one more edge / tease and denial sub Reddit. Only one edge for you today, choose wisely 😁 You can however wear a crotch rope today…. 4 Today should you ride your largest dildo (anal preferably) until you squirt all over the flor! If you can’t squirt, this is a great opportunity for you to do some squirt training! After that can you edge as much as you want for the rest of the day. Only wear a collar and some nice heels during all edgings today!TDay 5 Wear a buttplug of your choice for a minimum 30 minutes at some point during the day. You can only edge during this time today.Day 6 No hands You are ONLY allowed to grind your self against objects for edging today! Everything except sextoys are allowed, be creative 😁 If you have a gagball, wear it under a facemask in public today….. Wear some lingerie that makes you feel sexy and maybe some heels to go along with it too.Day 7 Starting your morning with a cosy edge in bed and then breakfast, wear nothing but a buttplug of your choice for breakfast Wear something naughty under your clothes all day today… Today you have to make a decision are you going to cum today or at you going to ruined your orgasm an start all over for an other week of edging?Enjoy and have fun! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: