28F – horny housewifeSo since my bf is an essential worker and i am not, he’s in charge of our household right now. I’m supposed to be keeping up on chores but i’ve slacked a bit lately. He’s working a double today before having two days off and I know I need to get the house cleaned up so he can enjoy his days off.I need someone to help make sure I complete all my household duties but to also keep me dripping all day. Maybe some tasks to make my chores a bit more exciting?I’m hoping if I get all my chores done satisfactorily that i’ll be allowed to cum – but i’ll leave that up to you guys! (there’s a good chance my boyfriend will be too tired when he gets home for sex or he’ll want a blowjob instead so that’s why I’m looking for reddit’s permission to cum)The chores I need to complete are: DishesChange sheetsLaundry (5 loads)sweep/mopkitchen countersbathroomOptional chores: cook dinnerbuy groceriesorganize and clean bathroom shelfclean patioKinks & toys: tease and denial, pain, misogyny (only men should cum/get pleasure), vibrator, clothespins, icyhot, hot sauce, orajel/numbing (not sure how well it works), mild humiliation, nipple/clit painLimits: scat/blood, no pics/videos, no public stuffThings to consider: I cum very easily female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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