First time Denial – Update 1

Pfeww The first day after not having an orgasm allowed was very tense. I was constantly horny, edging myself whenever I could and I could not wait to be touched by my husband. When he got from work he tied me to the bed, legs spread and played with my swollen clit. I was so close so fast, it was incredible. He then started fucking me and he knows that I can’t orgasm without clitoral stimulation, so he made it extra hard for me, as he rubbed my clit. I had to tell him to stop or I would cum and eventually he offered to let me cum. That being said, I am a simple person, I was needy, I wasn’t even sure if denial was something he might like so I was like “okay!” I came super hard and long, it was incredible. He then smiled at me and announced, that I was not allowed to orgasm until Monday. Fking Monday. I hoped that we would just postpone it but no, he know wants to see me suffering I guess.Funny thing is, I liked it. Liked that he tricked me, that he now plays with me etc.Today I got a few more toys to play with (yay!), and I just plugged myself for the first time. Not gonna lie it burned although I used plenty of lube, but it went in easily and is fitting nicely and hell, does it look cute!However I was horny today again, I was reading all kinds of denial blogs, looked at girls being teased, I was barely able to concentrate on anything.So now I am waiting until the plug feels comfortable and then I will basically throw myself onto to husband, I crave his fingers on me sooo bad!So: Today denial day 1 (09.07.) Denied until Monday 13.07. I don’t feel I can take any longer, I might even beg to cum earlier, we will see :)Have a great day folks! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: