First Time Denial Day 4

Hey there!I am in denial since Wednesday, so today is denial day 4. I am constantly dripping, my clit is throbbing in sync with my heartbeat and I can barely think of anything else then his fingers on my clit.Friday afternoon, before we went out for dinner, he edged me for nearly an hour and demanded a blowjob, leaving me dripping and needy.On Friday night he tied me onto the spreader bar again, ass up, plugged (I feel so sexy wearing this honestly). Since I had to give all my toys to him, he really likes playing with my vibrator now and I love / hate it. He also teased me with a feather tickler, softly stroking my legs, ass and clit and I moaned to loud! I made it to 57 minutes before the break was too short and I accidentally had a ruined orgasm. While bound in this position I tried to fight it off but I couldn’t. The ruined orgasm took a lot of my hornyness away, I might beg to get one today. Hubby thinks is his mistake but he is not sure if I may cum tomorrow. However as I have too much energy I mostly spend it to clean the house and he thinks I am such a good girl and I am trying so hard that I maybe get to cum tomorrow.Yesterday I edged every time I used the restroom and while showering to be as needy for him as possible, occasionally wearing my Kegel balls. I prepared dinner and while it was in the oven for 20 minutes, he set a timer and edged me for that time, Kegel balls still in me. He starts to like the vibrating nipple clamps I got, so he applies them every time I am lying on my back for extra stimulation, as my nipples have a direct connection to my clit.In the evening he tied me to the bed, arms and legs spread, gave me a blindfold and a ballgag (apperently I beg too much) and then he started teasing and edging me again. This time he pumped my nipples first and then applied the vibrating nipple clamps and it was soo hard to hold back! However I did manage an hour roughly. After about 45 minutes he told me to count the edges to 20, it were nearly 30 at the end because I couldn’t concentrate and he just looooves teasing me.Overall my body is a lot more sensitive at any place, my clit has about doubled in size due to swelling (I still pump every day for a short time) and as it is the weekend and I don’t have to work, I am not allowed to wear underwear, reminding me, that I am his whenever he wants to.Yesterday a new bondage device arrived and I hope we will test that today. It will spread my legs and pull them above my head (I am pretty flexible), so he has perfect access to my pussy. I might plug my ass just to feel sexy.Will probably update Monday before I get to orgasm (if, that is). If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, I will do my best to answer them honestly.Edit: I know why my body is so sensitive, I just found out I am pregnant 😀 female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: