A few of the things I made my sub do that you just might enjoy

So recently I was looking for someone to play with, and I found this cute girl called Emma.She is into everything submission, with some of our favourite kinks being orgasm denial, exhibitionism, and overstimulation. (Note that overstimulation doesn’t necessarily mean orgasm torture)So for a bit, I set her some more normal tasks. ‘edge 25 times in 1 minute, if you fail you restart’ and things like that, but then I had a few better ideas.’you have to constantly stimulate yourself, but you are not allowed to get near the edge. Do this for 5 minutes, if you fail, restart.’She told me it would be easy. She said it is only one edge, how hard could it be? In the end, it took her over 40 minutes to get it down. She was a drooling mess by the end of it. So that was funThe second one I came up with on the fly, ‘take the first dildo you can find, stick it inside your pussy, then get some tape and tape it in there! You are not allowed to take it out for 6 hours.’3 hours in, I ask her how she’s doing. Her exact words: ‘please master may I take it out?’ this made me raise an eyebrow, since we agreed calling me sir is fine. I ask if she has had any, impulses. ‘i have touched myself 4 times, but it did nothing, master’ and then I realized. This is making her so horny, she tried to touch herself without permission, failed, and was feeling regretful.And the third, and best one. Or worst, depending on how you’re looking at it. I told her the following (this was on a day on which she was alone in the house and didn’t need to leave it): ‘put on a blouse, a bra, the shortest skirt you can find, and nothing else! Every half an hour, edge 3 times! Every time you touch yourself other than those 3 edges, you add 1 more edge to each half-hour. Every ruin is one article of clothing you have to remove. If you run out of clothing, and you ruin again, message me!’She didn’t message me in the end, but that part was just to instill some fear in her. Her task would have been some bodywriting, as well as taking a nude picture of herself and setting it as her phone’s background.Halfway through the day, I ask how she is. ‘Its really starting to become difficult. I’ve touched myself accidentally once, and I’m starting to be constantly wet. Do I have to do this throughout the whole day?’At the end of the day, I ask her how she is. Her exact words: ‘THIS. IS. TORTURE. I have edged 8 times every half hour, and am not wearing any clothing. The wetness is dripping down my legs. Please master may I end my task for today? MASTER PLEASE JUST THIS ONCE’Of course, I told her no. What I really like about this task is that it really ramps up. If they edge more, they will accidentally touch themselves. That leads to more edging, and more touching. More intensity leads to more mishaps, so eventually they will be completely naked, and a wet begging mess.The task starts out simple, and any more difficult it gets feels like it’s their fault. They are not meant to edge 3 times every half hour, that would just come out to 96 edges in the day. That sounds like a lot but for a whole day it is managable. Also, they go along with it because say, 5 edges at a time doesn’t feel like a lot. But after a while, they start to feel more and more horny and mindless. In the moments they are more coherent, they fear that they might accidentally touch themselves. If you touch yourself halfway through, you add another 16 edges. It is a lot for one touch. It is kind of funny actually, to see this sort of mind-break happen is very entertaining to me.So, if you are a Dom that made it through all that, make sure to try these out and give feedbackif you are a sub, show your Dom the contents of this post, so that they can try it out. If you don’t have one, shoot me a dm and we’ll fix that. Have fun pretties! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n