Denial Diary #3

Hi! This is a continuation of my denial diary posts from the user u/pleease-dominate-me, I’m simply switching to another older reddit account so my posts don’t get deleted automatically because my account is new hahaThis is last night’s diary, and tonight’s will be posted shortly :)‚ÄčToday I woke up really horny, as always.. I did my morning 10 minute ass fingering, and this morning I realllly got into it. I’ve been wearing my plug for 2 days basically at this point, and I’m just so loose so I was able to just go crazy with it. However, sir’s clit was left completely untouched and aching yet again :)Miraculously, I was actually home alone today again! That’s 3 days in a row, which I don’t think has ever happened before haha. The perfect opportunity to try out that 10 sided dice roll list I mentioned in my update yesterday:Weighted nipple clamps (40 min)30 minutes edging, 40 sec break between each edgeLine writingClit teasing (no edging)No bra or panties for one weekIce on nipples and clit1 hour earlier bedtime for a weekHold Inspection, Collar Me, and Stool poses for 30 min each, 1 edge in eachIced and pluggedNo touch for the rest of the dayOrgasmYes, orgasm is yet again just out of reach at #11 :)Sir rolled 2 dice at the same time, and I got 1 and 9. Since I was home alone, I was completely naked and sir made me hold the Inspection pose (chart of poses can be found in my previous posts). Since I rolled a 9, I had to insert as many ice cubes into my ass as I could handle (which was only 2 sadly haha) before plugging myself. This was my first time playing with ice in a long time, so I forgot just how weird it felt to have ice inside. Mainly, I forgot just how FUCKING COLD it is :). Having to hold a standing position with 2 ice cubes in + weighted nipple clamps was suuuuuuccchh a fucking hot predicament. The ice cubes were making my legs all shaky so it was difficult to stand, making my weighted clamps dangle around and pull on my nipples. It was so hard not to move around and it was making me so wet.Sir then made me change into the Nadu pose from the chart, which I guess is probably his favorite considering he’s made me do it the most I think haha. He told me to rub one of the ice cubes on his achy clit. It was soooo cold, I told him about how it cooled me down but didn’t feel good and I probably couldn’t edge with just the ice cube. He offered to give me a chance to have an orgasm if I could edge using just an ice cube, and so of course, faced with just the possibility of an orgasm, I did everything in my power to edge with that ice.Surprisingly, I did it! Pretty quickly, too. I guess total desperation for an orgasm overpowers extreme cold :)So as promised, I had a chance to cum!! I was so excited, even if I only had a 1/20 chance of getting one haha. Sir used one of his 20 sided dice to roll for the chance to cum:1 – nothing :(2-10 – (edging for as long as sir wants)11-19 – ruined orgasm20 – orgasm!I rolled a 6, so I was able to edge. I was soooo happy, I hadn’t been able to touch sir’s needy little clit for I think a whole day at that point at least. Of course, I had to edge with the ice cubes :)I only managed to get 5 edges in before sir told me to stop, but I swear those were the best 5 edges I’ve ever had in my life. I was so fucking desperate to touch myself, and then now being allowed to do so but only through an ice cube was so hot. That, and the fact that I was still wearing my weighted clamps. I was nearing the end of the 40 minutes with them on, so they were reallly hurting. Masturbating with the ice cubes made me shake and squirm so much that I was jiggling around the clamps so much, but I didn’t care. Everything from being naked in a submissive pose, to the clamps, to being forced to edge through the cold, ughhhh I was in another dimension I swear. On my 5th and final edge I was shaking so badly that one of my clamps fell off. It happened RIGHT as I hit the last edge, and feeling that unexpected pain right as I hit the edge almost made me go over hahaha.After I was able to take off the clamps, I played with ice on my super sensitive nipples for a bit and it felt so good. Sir made me insert another ice cube in my ass, and then one in his cunt. The cold from all these ice cubes was sooo overwhelming, I could barely even stand again.Fast forward like 2 hours, and sir told me to go on a walk. There’s a large private pond close to where I live so I was heading there to chill for a few hours. I put bobby pins on my nipples as discreet nipple clamps, and sir made me insert 2 more ice cubes in my ass and another in his pussy. And of course, I was plugged, as always. On top of that, I gagged myself under my mask :). The ice cubes made it SO hard to walk, anybody who saw me on the street must’ve thought I was holding in a long overdue pee or something lol. Walking around in public clamped, plugged, gagged, and full of ice cubes made me feel more slutty than I ever have before. Oh, the things I do for sir :)At the pond now, sir made me do more poses. This time I was clothed, but it was still so embarrassing since I was in public. This was my first experience doing stuff like this outside, so just being gagged and in these positions was a thrill. I ended up doing this for like 2-3 hours, talking to sir the whole time and getting distracted by nature haha..At home later that night, sir gave me a request. I asked for 10 minutes of edging, which he accepted :)It felt sooo nice to just be able to edge normally, no clamps or poses or restrictions, just normal, plain edges. I managed to edge 30 times in the 10 minutes since I was so worked up from having to do gagged positions outside so long.Here I am staying up past my bedtime AGAIN to finish writing this… thankfully sir is nice and allowed it (thank youuuuuu sir)Also, I just realized that I use the smiley face wayyyyy too goddamn much haha.Again, if you have any ideas on how to torment me please message sir (u/dominatedme) with your ideas.Thank you so much for reading! Sorry for the super long post hahaha female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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