Denial Diary #7 – Slapping myself feels good now :)

I’m gonna start linking my previous posts in these.. feel free to read them if you’d like (and yes I did switch accounts halfway through)#1 – #2 – #3 – #4 – #5 – #6​Today I was able to wear, like, normal clothes to school today for the first time in about 2 weeks.. of course I was still plugged but I still had a bra, panties, regular fitting clothing, normal stuff. So, my day at school was mostly normal, up until my last class. I started reading a comment thread on my last post of Sir and another dom discussing things to do to me and all that… I’m really embarrassed by how much that turned me on haha.. to see other people just talk about me like I’m some object to be experimented on 🙂 My face got sooo red from embarrassment and I started squirming around in my chair cuz of it.. only made worse by the fact that I was in class surrounded by other people. I am SO glad I had a mask on hahaha I looked like a fucking tomatoSir put me on entirely on no-touch until I would offer him something to trade.. sooo I thought for a while and offered to try and put 4 ice cubes in my ass because my record was 3 before. He agreed and said that if I could get all the ice in with my plug I could have my nipples back :)I didn’t think I could do it but I did! It felt sooooo fucking cold, my legs were so shaky and I could barely stand up from the sensation of being so full and so cold at the same time. Because I told sir about how hard it is to walk with all the ice, he of course made me walk back to the kitchen for more ice cubes 🙂 I then had to put 1 in his pussySir challenged me to put more ice cubes in my ass after the first 4 had melted down.. and ofc I wanted to impress him so why not.I managed to barely put in 3 more before plugging myself up again. Having so much cold water and ice inside me made me feel so full!Then I heard a knock on the door and saw out the window that the mailman was at the door with a package.. I had to go answer him wearing nothing but a shirt and panties, plugged and with 7 ice cubes worth of water in me. If only he knew hahaha.. I tried hiding behind the door but I’m sure he must’ve noticed that I didn’t have pants, maybe he even saw the massive wet spot on my panties.. :)Sir made me do 25 jumping jacks with all the water inside, and it was so difficult. I had to stop a few times just to prevent my plug from flying out while doing them. It was so hard to keep all the water in, even if I had a literal butt plug in me. Thankfully, sir was nice and he let me release the water right after. Turns out putting 7 ice cubes in your ass and letting it melt works as like a half assed (no pun intended) enema haha..Sir told me to put 3 new cubes in right after I had gotten rid of the first 7. Ughhhh. Thankfully, he made a trade where I could not put in any more ice cubes today but only if I did 7 again tomorrow. I think because I mentioned how hard it was to walk with all that ice he’s gonna make me put in 7 ice cubes and go on a walk outside tomorrow… Kinda nervous for how that’s gonna go :)Then I shaved sir’s pussy and ass again to make sure I’m completely smooth and soft for him :)I then put a piece of tape over his pussy because I don’t really need it to please sir after all, do I? It gives me pleasure, not him.I was conveniently home alone now, so I got completely naked (as I always do when home alone now) and just played with my nipples while staring at sir’s denied, taped up cunt and needy clit. I told sir how needy his clit was and asked if I could touch it. He allowed me to tap it just once. Such a tease, just one light tap on his clit was all I needed to moan and then beg him to let me do it again. So pathetic how much pleasure I got from that one tap.Sir mentioned an idea that was given to him by one of you guys, that I could only be allowed to touch his clit by slapping it full force :)I was so horny and desperate to touch myself I asked if we could try that, so he agreed and let me slap his clit. Since I was home alone, I could just go wild and hit it as hard as I wanted to. I swung as hard as I could and I’m embarrassed to say it but I really liked it. It made his clit sting like hell but hey, pain is still stimulation, right?(thanks to u/Nobody_max for this idea! I really liked it heh)Sir put me in the Sex Doll position and teased me about how his clit was so needy that slapping it still felt good, before telling me to do 10 in a row without stopping. Ouch.It hurt so much aaaghh but it still felt good because I was so horny… sir asked me if I wanted to slap myself more and I said yes without hesitating at all.. he asked me how many I wanted and, well, I said 50 haha.. I felt so slutty asking to slap his clit full force 50 times, what a pathetic and slutty thing to ask for..Sir made me lay flat on my back with my legs together, and I asked him if I could tie my legs together so I couldn’t squirm as much, and of course he agreed. I love being restrained so much :)I wrote S L U T in big letters right across my chest in permanent marker so every time I looked down while naked I would be reminded of who I am.I had to untie myself and get dressed after my parents got back home, and now here I am writing this. I am really horny still, but at least sir’s clit got some relief today :)If you have ideas on how to deny me, punish me, anything like that.. message Sir (u/dominatedme) with your contributions :)Thank you for reading! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: