Denial Diary #8 (ish) – sleep from horniness

Today my little one accidentally fell asleep while writing her update to you guys. She woke up after about half an hour and was really apologetic to both me and her followers. She asked to stay up to post but she is getting up early so I told her to go back to bed so you guys are hearing from me instead. She might post in the morning or make a larger one tomorrow night.Since you don’t have her update, I thought I’d queue you in to a discussion regarding her. Ofcourse I have final say but id like some opinions on it and think it would make her wetter to see this later.She was in self denial for 4 months before submitting to me. She had given herself ruins but no orgasms in that time. As you have seen from her posts she is insanely horny now and I’ve made it way worse for her. I want to reward her soon and give myself a more clean plate to work on torturing her from. The question is how soon. Im considering letting her tomorrow night and she knows this is on my mind but knows I could be fucking with her mind and deny her after making her work hard to “earn it”. Do you think she deserves a reward or think i should make her wait a little longer?Im also open to ideas on what she has to do to earn it. I already decided to make her hold 7 ice cubes worth of water under her plug pretty much all day and will clamp her nipples with the weighted clamps while she cums. Comment here or message my account.View Poll female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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