I”M SORRY FOR THE ALL CAPS SPAM BUT I JUST HAD MY FIRST ORGASM IN OVER 4 MONTHS LOLHERES MY OLDER POSTS BLAH BLAH BLAH#1 – #2 – #3 – #4 – #5 – #6 – #7 – #8​Omg I really need to calmm down holy shit.. my hands are still so shaky I can barely typeSo basically, I’ll just start with what happened after I got up (the second time) today.. If you want to know what happened earlier this morning I described it in my last post (Diary #8)I guess begging people to let me cum turned out decently well, I got a fair bit more votes on Sir’s poll from last night. Thank you so much to everybody who helped with that!!!So basically I was home alone again for a few hours and Sir was still asleep… I was so fucking horny so I got a bunch of clothespins and put like, 5 around each of my tits and then one on my tongue. I watched porn sitting in my chair with my legs spread, playing with my nipples and drooling like the little slut I am. I drooled so much that the “SLUT” I had written across my chest got all smudged up lol..Of course, sir’s clit got absolutely no attention..Fast forward a bit… sir told me that I would be allowed to cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was so fucking excited, I don’t think one sentence has ever made me more excited before.However, I must thank u/coyotetrashh for helping me get an orgasm!! She made a deal with sir that I would get to cum today if she could also be dommed by sir and join in on the fun.. so I guess we are partners in crime until further notice :)We started by both putting bobby pins on our nipples (she got to choose hehe), and the person who lasted the longest would get to edge freely for 10 minutes. Since I already had my nipples clamped twice today, my nipples were already so sensitive! Unfortunately I lost heheCoyote got to play with herself for 10 minutes, and I’m kinda embarrassed at how much I enjoyed seeing her able to edge while I was stuck playing with my nipples, denied. Also, sir said I’m not allowed to moan and ofc I had to slap myself every time I did.So… Sir’s poll got 62 votes to let me cum after I posted my update this morning.. so I had to stick true to my word and edge 62 times. Thank you for everybody who voted, I edged once for you :)Sir told me I could start the edges right after I finished eating. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten dinner that quickly.Sir put me in the Nadu position and Coyote in the Modest Kneel. She was to edge freely as I did my 62.I gagged myself with my soaked panties and started to edge. It felt so fucking good knowing that I would be able to cum at the end. I told sir I was completely dripping wet so he made me put another pair of panties in his pussy. I was now completely stuffed in every hole. A pair of panties in my mouth, one in sir’s pussy, and 8 ice cubes worth of water in my ass from this morning. And of course, my plug :)After around 40 edges, sir made me say “I’m your good little girl” after every edge. This was suuuch a turn on for me. I have a soft spot for when he calls me a good girl heheAnd not being able to moan during the whole process was so frustrating.. I had to slap myself so much cuz it felt so good I couldn’t help a few whimpers slip out.Sir made me change position and I asked if I could tie my legs together in this position. Of course, he said yes :)I also put tape over my mouth at this point to keep my panties in there.Almost to 62 now, Sir made me put on my weighted nipple clamps. I was so fucking desperate, I was LITERALLY on my knees begging sir to let me orgasm. So, he began counting down from 10…On “1”, I came harder than I ever have before.OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUCUUCUCUCUCUUCUCKCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKI had COMPLETELY forgotten just how fucking good that felt.. that was my first time having an orgasm in at least 4 months. HOLY SHIT. I am MAD JEALOUS of all the people out there who can just, do that WHENEVER THEY WANT??? I completely forgot what I was missing out on at this point, it was so, so so fucking good to feel that again. I literally almost started crying cuz it felt so goodI was just like, convulsing on the ground in pure fucking euphoria for like a full minute. It just felt like my entire body exploded and my soul ripped away into another dimension or some sci-fi shit like that.Then I started laughing.Idk why, but I just started laughing so hard. I couldn’t stop. I was just so unbelievably happy and felt so warm and nice everywhere reality just melted away and it was just the funniest thing to me. I think I held a solid smile for like 30 minutes nonstop after that. I was still shaking so much at this point I literally could not get up. I just laid there on the floor for a while, laughing, completely exhausted. I don’t even know what else to say other than I’m still pretty shaky from that. I came so hard I gave myself a massive fucking headache lmao.I don’t even know who to thank for this orgasm, everyone i guess idk, the universe. Sir especially :)This orgasm was the happiest I’ve been in months holy shit, I can’t wait for sir to tease me and rub in my face how I’m not gonna be able to feel that sensation again for a long time. In fact, he’s put Coyote and I on no touch for the next week, so stay tuned to see my brain completely melt during that :)If you have more ideas on how to torture me/coyote please message Sir (u/dominatedme) with your lovely input :)Thank you for reading!!! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: