Ladies, please make me do my first ever denial tasks!

Disclaimer: I’m a trans girl, so sorry if this isn’t the right place! I want to be treated the same as any other slut here, but please try to keep your edging instructions worded neutrally if you can. Thank you!Hi, I’m Georgia! I’ve never tried extended denial before, just occasional edging. The idea of being denied makes me so horny though, so I’d love if any women* here want to turn me into a a whimpering, quivering mess, please tell me what you want from me *Men, please feel free to suggest tasks for me too, but since I’m only into women this post is targeted at other women :)My goal is to be edging until tomorrow, then I can cum for the last time before I give control over my orgasms over to this subreddit!I’ve been experimenting with pain/sensation play and I recently learned that I absolutely love nipple play, so please get creative! Getting addicted to new ways to tease myself is always a bonus.I’m also considering starting a journal of what you all are doing to me, so tell me if you would like me to record my first denial experience! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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