Heading into the Second Week. Pros and Cons.

(Crossposted)I am heading into my second week. I am on day 10 today. I have given this a lot of thought and had an extremely long post written that probably would have elicited quite a few “to;dr” so I have taken 24 hours to let it stew and edited it into a more non-book length post.But, just in case- the tl;dr is…there are far more pros than cons to edging.Starting with the cons:It takes up a lot of my timeBeing “pussy-obsessed” is a bit decadentMy time-management skills need a lot of improvementMy pussy at times feels a bit “battered”Panties are a lost causeWhen I can not edge constantly or have my allotted time decreased, I have a tendency to CURSE that I can not go longer! Literally. The fucks fly. lolThat’s about it, really.Pros:Infinite energy. Seriously. I have so much energy right now it’s ridiculous. I find myself shaking and bouncing my leg when I sit down. I have to get up and do something.Stress-relief. Even though I am on a schedule, and my time management skills suck, I find myself handling things as they come and not getting stressed out about itHappiness. I am happy. I smile for no damned reason. I felt myself just smiling as I folded laundry. Laundry is not inherently a “happy” thing, but I was a’grinnin’ at it!Self-reflection. Edging has made me self-reflective and meditative. I am reassessing myself and my health. Why? Because knowing what I am (an edgeslut) and not a cummer, has made me shift my perspective of what I need in my life.I feel sexy. I found myself walking through the grocery store, swaying my hips and sashayin’ in my sweatpants. It was cold out, sweats are mandatory. But I felt sexy and even behind a mask, I was smiling with my eyes and found myself putting myself out there. I got a lot of smiling eyes back.The little aches and pains in my body are gone. I have an autoimmune condition that causes me some chronic pain. But I have had no pain of any real amount for a week. I just realized that yesterday.Even though I have a “battered pussy” I haven’t had any problems with the above-mentioned autoimmune condition. I have what is called interstitial cystitis- I usually feel like I have a UTI almost on a constant basis. I also have vulvodynia. That makes my pussy ache and burn. It is annoying as FUCK. It also causes me joint pain and fatigue amongst other things. I have had no flare-ups of either condition. In the past, over-manipulation of that area can cause problems. I can’t ride a bike for any length of time due to that. But, no flares! Yay! I got my bike out!My entire body feels sexual. Touching my skin makes me squirm, let alone touching anywhere that is normally seen as erogenous zones. Touching them makes me want to crawl the walls. I feel a sexual force through my body right now. It is tethered to my clit, but whatevs, it feels amazing.A sort of spiritual connection has developed to the one training me. I am not normally a “spiritual” person. Where my beliefs lie is a whole other story, but I firmly believe in self-determination and the quest for knowledge, especially self-knowledge. I have been reflecting on that a lot lately and can only describe it as the silk from a spider, a long strand stretches out and every edge, every moment I think about it, every moment I make a decision based on my true self is adding another limb to the web being spun.My submission is firmly entrenched and desired. I have been involved in the kink community for a long time and have often found myself rolling my eyes at the high-falutin’ affirmations spouted by some. “Freedom through submission” being one. For me that just was an abstract idea I did not think was remotely true. I always have identified as a submissive, but I did not live it. I had an epiphany in regards to that. I understand it now. I have found freedom through submitting. I am free of a false narrative (for me) that orgasms were the quest and goal of my sexual journey and were necessary in order to be “normal”I do not have to deny my identity. I can be proud of it.etc, etc, etc. So many! But I will end it here for now.In conclusion (for today):I am an edgeslut. I am an edgeslave to my Sir. I am a whore, a slut, and…I love it. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n

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