My owner denies me

I have an owner who I’m meeting tomorrow for the first time. He has put me in a crotch rope and made me edge myself 10 times. He said that he would keep me denied for at least a year starting now but I would be in a crotch rope a lot to keep me needy. Today i have to go out for an appointment and he told me that i have to keep the rope on while I’m out and for an hour after when I come home. I’m also to edge every morning and wear a crotch rope at night when I sleep. Tomorrow I have to wear a skirt which is mid thigh length with a crotch rope and a chastity belt over the top. I have to use public transport to go and meet him to and then hes gonna grope me and pull at my rope and make me hump his leg. He wants to play with me in real life but we are buliding it slow. Eventually if things work out well I’ll be a owned object slave in bondage 24/7. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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