Day 10/31 I tried benzocaine (orajel) right before I edged and it was amazing (video included)

Link to the video. Now I’m just going to put them all in the same place so if you’re just now seeing my posts you can see me from the first of me posting here) This is the second video in the album on erome I linked. As of the time of posting this it’s still uploading and it should be up in at least 30 minutesSo if you’re following closely you’ll know the lidocaine was a disappointment. It doesn’t really numb me at all. After considering it, I realized that my body isn’t particularly receptive to lidocaine because I remember quite a lot of times where it’s been injected and I could still feel quite a bit at the site.But the benzocaine was amazing. After I put it on, I ceased to feel stimulation in my clit, and instead it was mainly focused in my inner labia and inside my pussy. I watched porn for a little while to really build me up and when I went to put the vibrator on my clit, which I could see was engorged and twitching…nothing. Fucking nothing. I couldn’t feel a thing. Meanwhile putting on the benzocaine, just rubbing my clit for a second I moaned a little bit because it was so sensitive. The numbing stuff is the most beautifully agonizing thing ever. I could feel the vibrations, I could feel how hard my clit was, I desperately wanted to get off–all the pieces were in place and yet I couldn’t feel pleasure. Sometimes I could feel a little bit of pleasure which I got excited about, but it then dissipated, leaving me completely in frustrated agony. You can see how swollen my pussy gets when I try to feel something in my clit, it’s because my pussy and clit are desperately trying to feel something. And I can feel just a little bit of pleasure and that makes my clit reach out for the vibrator more but it’s blocked from feeling more than a twinge of pleasure.I fucked my pussy with a dildo and that felt fucking incredible. I think because I lost sensation in my clit the rest of me was trying to make up for it. Fucking my cunt made all the cream come out and my pussy was covered in it. The dildo made me incredibly aroused so I went to put the vibrator on my clit again and…fucking nothing. I love that chemical inability to feel anything, it means I’ve lost complete control over my body. No matter how desperately I want to feel something on my most sensitive area I just can’t. After I took the dildo out I could feel a little bit more, and it made me really want to feel something so I put the vibrator up hoping it would help and of course it didn’t.Then I put my big black dildo in my ass. Putting huge things in my ass always makes my clit react. I put it in and I couldn’t feel anything in my clit but oh my God, my asshole and pussy felt like I was cumming. I could almost see stars. I put the vibrator on my clit aaannnnddd nothing. I get more and more desperate trying to feel something for a bit and bit by bit I get enough feeling back to actually edge and torture myself. I am so happy I was able to find some numbing stuff for my clit, I intend to use this quite a bit.​As always you can give me your suggestions and links to really good porn! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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