Edge Off

Hi FOD community, with so many lovely ladies in longer term denial here, my diabolical mind drifted into thinking about ways in which denial can be turned into a community event.Hence, I propose an Edge Off! What I envision is that you ladies will be able to join, no matter what stage of denial you are at. It is a competition to see who will be the ultimate victor in terms of being able to deny themselves the longest!My envisioned simple version of the rules: 1. Recruitment phase – all ladies who want to participate can join in during the recruitment phase 2. At the start of the Edge Off, all participants have to edge at least once a day – you can certainly do more if you want but the minimum is one a day; if there are fewer participants, this starting number could be higher 3. For all participants who join, you’ll have to post here every day about your daily edging experiences – if you don’t post, you’ll be assumed to have lost! 4. You lose when you don’t post or if you have an orgasm! When you orgasm and lose, you will have to ruin it and thereafter on no-touch until a winner is decided! 5. With each participant knocked out, the daily number of minimum edges increases by one 6. To avoid this competition dragging out for too long – we all know there are amazing edge-and-deniers here – perhaps after a certain period of time, each extra day will increase the number of minimum edges by one 7. The winner is the last one standing – only YOU will have the pleasure of a fulfilling orgasm! However, if you’re planning to continue prolonging your denial like a champion, you can choose to award your fulfilling orgasm to any other participant who dropped out because of a ruined orgasm, and continue your journey of denial with the admiration of the communityWhat do you guys/girls think about this idea? I’m definitely open to suggestions to make it better, and will only propose a start to the Edge Off if more than 5 participants are interested. I’m thinking only those of you with a proven track record on reddit should be allowed to join – we don’t want trolls joining and faking things to prolong the competition for the serious participants. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n