An update on my denial poll! Games and numbers, Day 0/>47

Earlier today I made a poll where each vote gives me one more hour of denial, with some extras to make it even longer.As of right now, my total number of hours is at 1082, counting votes, comments, DMs, and new followers and upvotes from my old post that was unfortunately against the rules. That’s over 47 days, and the number is still increasing!I did not expect anywhere near this long of denial, but i did ask for y’all to make me regret this :PBecause this is going to last so long, I came up with a game. Every morning, I will roll a 20-sided die, and do the following:-If I roll a 5 or below, I’m not allowed to sexually touch myself for the whole day.-If I roll above 5, I will edge that many times – 5.-If I roll a 1, I’m not allowed to touch my genitals at all. Not for any reason. The only exception will be to use the bathroom, but I’ll do my absolute best to maintain minimal possible contact.-If I roll a 20, I have to spend the whole day edging. Any free time that I have must be spent touching myself.Regardless of what I roll, I must spend a minimum of 15 minutes looking at porn to make myself extra desperate, even if i’m not allowed to touch myself that day.But that’s just the start! I want to hear everyone else’s ideas for fun ways to make this more interesting on top of the rules I set for myself! This could mean adding other possible additions to my game, or coming up with another game I can play at the same time ;3EDIT: I did my edges for the day!! I’m already so horny and desperate, aaaaaaaaaa female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: